The March For Science

The March For Science

On the 22nd April 2017, I ran the March For Science in Christchurch, New Zealand. We were the first in the world to march and saw over 250 people march in support of Science.

I was interviewed on my reasons behind organising the march; full article linked here.

Science is important to me. As a parent, an individual, a woman, a science communicator, science educator and New Zealander, it has become a huge part of my identity as a human being and influences everything I do.

I decided to run the Christchurch branch of the ‘March for Science’ because Science is being attacked and ignored and we are the ones who can and must defend it. We may live on a few islands, far away from immediate danger but we are and will be affected by the decisions and attitudes of the global powers that be. Our geographic isolation is no excuse for complacency – our current government has and continues to be ineffective in defending our native species and environment from danger, they need to know that this isn’t acceptable.

Ignoring scientists is not the way forward, disbelief in empirical evidence is ignorant and inaction towards combating climate change is dangerous.

I will be marching in Christchurch on Saturday, 22nd April because I am a New Zealander who cares deeply about the world in which I live, and the people, animals and environment that I share it with. Just because these issues aren’t hitting me in the face right now, doesn’t mean I should close my eyes to them.

No matter what type of background you come from, or whether you do or don’t agree with me on all these issues, you are invited to March for Science with us on Saturday, 22nd April – to show up in-person and tell the world that you too, give a shit about our planet.

Geni – organizer in Christchurch

I was also interviewed by our local newspaper – linked here.

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